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36dB power attenuator for 20W

36dB power attenuator for 20W

Lex PH2LB designed and built a 36dB power attenuator for 20W using PA1B power attenuator calculator:


The attenuator can handle a maximum power of 20 watt and is used to reduce the power of a 5 watt transceiver.
At first I did not realized why Lex designed the attenuator for 20 W. Like many HAMs I thought, that 20 W is QRO. But please notice that 20 W is the Maximum power. The chosen maximum power of 20 watts for the attenuator is an excellent choice. The attenuator can easily handle a power of 5 watts, without getting hot.

More details at Lex PH2LB project page.

Via PA1B’s QRPp blog.