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3 channel RF remote control

3 channel RF remote control

This is a 3 channel RF remote control project.The transmitter powered by 3V battery range about 10 m.This remote control I use PIC12F509 from Microchip which is a 8-pin single-chip microcontroller designed for low pin count applications with 1 K words flash memory and 41Byte SRAM and some special features such Power-saving Sleep mode,Wake-up from Sleep on pin change.
The RF transmitter module for this project is TLP434A(433.92MHz) which is an Ultra Small Wireless Transmitter is ideal for remote control projects or data transfers to a remote object.This compact unit operates from only 2V up to 12V but I choose 3V for compact size remote control in this project . A range of up to 200m is possible with an antenna fitted and 12V battery are used.This module can works directly with HT12D or similiar decoder.
To reduce the standby power and extend battery life I implement by putting the PIC12F509 microcontroller into SLEEP mode for most of the time and wake-up only when a key is pressed.The standby current I measured about 100nA in sleep mode.and about 14 mA when any switch pressed.
The diode D1 and D2 is implementing ground for TLP434A when any switch pressed.Thus there are no current drawn by TLP434A when it is in standby mode.


The RLP434A which is a Compact Radio Receiver(RF) works directly with the TLP434A transmitter on an operating frequency of 433.92MHz.Ideal for many applications, including robots, where commands can be sent directly to the robot, without the need for a hard-wired connection. Suitable for data rates of up to 4.8KHz, and the typical operating current is only 4.5mA.

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