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2.4 GHz RF Pinhole Camera Amplifiers

2.4 GHz RF Pinhole Camera Amplifiers

The two transistor version A is merely a cascaded version of B for greater output. The one transistor version in B will easily penetrate two walls of an average household, while the cascaded version A, will penetrate two floors.
All inductors are molded chokes. They are critical. Other Higher Gain transistors could be used, but values would have to be altered appropriately
For those intending to build either project, I strongly recommend you begin with the one transistor version for two reasons. It’s simpler and cheaper, and, when using surface mount components, will easily solder directly on the back of the camera’s circuit board.


When built with care and success, results will be excellent, and will not only encourage you to build the higher power version, but you will have acquired the skill to do so successfully. Most 9 Volt RF Cameras will work quite safely on 12Volts

You will be broadcasting Video and probably Audio. The two transistor version is capable of transmitting around ½ Kilometer with the camera’s original antenna, and a great deal further with an extended antenna. It makes Public Listening and Viewing!. As far as I’m aware, the power outputs far exceed the Legal Limits set for such devices in most countries, so, if you live in a built up area, please keep this in mind.

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