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10 Popular IOT Software Platforms

10 Popular IOT Software Platforms


IOT comprises of two components Hardware and Software where these components supports each other to build a highly adaptive IOT devices. Better the Hardware and Software platforms used better the user experience will be. Previously i have published an article based on 10 best IOT hardware platforms  In Sequel to that we are going to see the list of 10 best IOT software platforms in this article.

This list was written by Frank Donald, after taking inputs from expert opinions using polls, forum discussions and other mediums.So this list reflects the choice of many Designers and programmer who had their hands into IOT real-time.
Hope this list will guide you to choose the right platform for your IOT applications.Note that this article is not in any order, below listed are some of the best IOT software platforms you can use.

1) Google Brillo




Brillo is an Embedded OS specially made for IOT applications with core services, developer kit and developer console . This gives user an edge to develop their prototypes and make them into production with ease. Brillo is supported across ARM, Intel X86 and MIPS based architecture.  With Weave, a special communication standard Google promises user to experience a rich experience in connecting devices and fetching the data.


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