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Television Transmitter Operating at VHF Band

Television Transmitter Operating at VHF Band

The circuit was designed to illustrate the process of a TV transmitter as it functions using PAL video modulation and operates under VHF band.
Circuit Explanation

For TV systems using standards B/G, it is typically used in most Western Europe wherein 7 MHz channel is used in VHF. System B operates in VHF only in most countries when combined with system G while it operates in UHF when combined with system H. System B operates in Australia in VHF and UHF. System G is used in UHF only and will in countries with system B on VHF, except Australia.

This transmitter communicates in the frequency range between VHF and VLF on the TV channel. The variable capacitor C5 performs the tuning of the circuit to a modulated sound signal range of 5.5 MHz to 6 MHz. The circuit utilizes frequency modulation for sound signal for high fidelity broadcasts of music and speech, which may also be compatible with system


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