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Two wire Lamp Flasher

Two wire Lamp Flasher

This circuit was designed to provide that continuous light lamps already wired into a circuit, become flashing. Simply insert the circuit between existing lamp and negative supply.
R1______________6K8 1/4W Resistor:,
R2____________270K 1/4W Resistor:,
R3_____________22K 1/4W Resistor:,
C1____________220µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor:,
C2_____________10µF 25V Electrolytic Capacito:,
D1___________1N4002 100V 1A Diode:,
Q1____________BC557 45V 100mA PNP Transistor:,
Q2____________BD139 80V 1.5A NPN Transistor:,
LP1___________Existing filament Lamp: any type in the range 3-24V 10W max.:,
SW1___________Existing On-Off switch:,
B1____________Existing V DC source: any type in the range 3-24V:,
suited to the lamp adopted:,


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