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Budget CPUs for your Gaming Computer

Budget CPUs for your Gaming Computer
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6) Intel Core i3-7100 BX80677I37100

Being one of the core i3 models from Intel, the BX80677I37100 is a 7th-Gen processor based on Kaby Lake architecture. It features hyper-threading with two cores which make it faster than Core i3-6100, its predecessor.

 Core i3 Intel Processor


  • An improved CPU clocking ability with the Speed Shift Technology
  • Identical price to its predecessor 7th-gen CPU, yet with advanced and significant features
  • Better performance in the games like GTA, Tomb Rider, Mad Max, and other high-end gaming



  • Does not support to the Intel Octane Technology


Available at the same price as its predecessor CPUs, but coming with Speed Shift features for overclocking and faster performance, the Intel Core i3-7100 is a good deal to have a budget CPU.


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