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More Hacking of the Bitx40

More Hacking of the Bitx40


Yet another hack of the Bitx40!

Think small and smaller! When I built my Bitx40, the display add on  kit which I think now is the standard was not available. So in true ham fashion I simply “rolled my own”. I thought I really got things small when I used an 8X2 backlit LCD coupled with the Pro-Mini  and AD9850
Well now there is something even smaller which I have working. See below. The size is less than one inch on a side. There are four step tuning ranges and include 10, 100, 1K, and 10K Hz. I am still working out a “code kink” so that when you transmit the “Bitx40” is replace by the message “On The Air”.
With the OLED + Si5351 it should be possible to shrink even further the overall footprint of the Bitx40. Not only is the physical size smaller; but the power requirements are significantly reduced. The new configuration will have the OLED, Pro-Mini and the Si5351.
Yes I could just buy the add on kit –but the rig was designed to be hacked!!!!!
Pete N6QW