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Calibration of a 3-Phase Energy Meter Board on the ADE7754

Calibration of a 3-Phase Energy Meter Board on the ADE7754

A 3-phase energy meter can interface with different services like 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, and 3-phase 4-wire with 2½ elements. It can also provide active, reactive, and apparent energy calculations as well as power quality measurements, voltage rms, and current rms.

This application note describes the different steps to calibrate a 3-phase 4-wire, 3-element energy meter based on the ADE7754. It describes the software used with the ADE7754 evaluation board to perform the calibration.


The ADE7754 is comprised of six ADCs, a reference circuit, and all the signal processing necessary for the calculation of active energy, apparent energy, and rms value of the analog inputs. Circuitry is provided to null out various system errors including gain, phase, and offset errors. All registers of the ADE7754 are available through a 4-wire serial interface (SPI®). Please refer to the ADE7754 data sheet for a detailed description and the operation of the SPI interface.