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ESP8266 based Plane Spotter now for Arduino IDE

ESP8266 based Plane Spotter now for Arduino IDE

I received a few complaints that users couldn’t get the Platformio IDE running since the security software detected it as malicious software. So I added the code also to the WeatherStation library as a demo project. First you’ll have to install or update the library and make sure that you have at least version 1.1.1 installed. Then you can simply go to

Files > Examples > ESP8266 Weather Station > PlaneSpotterDemo

And you’ll have a template for your own PlaneSpotter project. Read the original article for more detail.

ESP8266 based PlaneSpotter now also available for the Arduino IDE

Bethsalem presented a nice and simple enclosure for the PlaneSpotter over at RadarSpotting. Thank you for sharing!



PlaneSpotter enclosure by Bethsalem

BTW: this project is also mentioned in my new eBook: ESP8266 Weather Station: Getting Started Guide