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A Free Kit every week to the most weekly commenters

A Free Kit every week to the most weekly commenters

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  • After collecting the data, every weekend we shall check them and read them manually. And our panel of editors will select one of the most and best commenters among you – who made most comment, browse most of our site and engaged with all of them genuinely.
  • We shall contact the winner via Facebook. And send the gift absolutely free of cost.
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Free Gift for the week from 16th January to 22nd January.

A XR2206 based Function Generator that is selling on Amazon for $57 plus Shipping.



This is a High Precision Function Generator based on popular XR2206 Chip. This will produce Sine, Square and Triangular waveform from 1Hz to 1MHz.

A very similar kit sales at Amazon for $57 plus Shipping. You are getting it free.