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10 Best Electronic Component Distributors

10 Best Electronic Component Distributors

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Buying Electronic components can be hard sometimes with many parameters such as Cost, Quality, Specifications, shipping and much to consider. This will be even painful with plenty of similar parts and we will end up scratching our head. If it sounds like you, then this article might help you to get over with these situations. This article comprises a list of 10 best electronic component distributors with best cost,quality,service and great pool for part selection. This list was compiled using suggestions from experts in this field and reflects the satisfaction and trust of experts. This makes this list unique and i hope it will be useful for you all guys.

10) WT Microelectronics


WT Microelectronics is a leading component supplier with superior supply chain and other value added services. This Company headquartered in Taiwan provides service across Asia with over 40 regional offices in China, Korea, Singapore, India, Thailand and Malaysia. This company serves as a distribution partner for over 40 global suppliers.

Website: WT Microelectronics


9) Allied Electronics


Allied Electronics is a leading electronic part distributor offering its services in United states, Mexico and Canada. This company provides more than 3 million parts online from more than 300 world class suppliers. Its robust supply chain management gives its customer super fast delivery and reliability.

Website: Allied Electronics

8) WPG Holdings


WPG electronics is the largest distributor in Asia headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. The company operates with over 120 sales offices around the world and franchise partner for around 250 global world wide suppliers. The company also achieved a US $14.9 billion as revenue in 2014.

Website: WPG Holdings

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