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Why is the Intel Galileo cool?

Why is the Intel Galileo cool?

I’m sitting at a table on the sidewalk.

It’s a small street in a quiet area of Medellin.

And the birds are making “jungle” sounds.

Martin, a Colombian I just met, hands me an

Intel Galileo.

He doesn’t know much about it.

And neither do I.

All I know is that it’s a Arduino-like board from Intel, with a much more powerful processor.

But we imagine it must have all these cool features like WiFi, bluetooth, NFC ++++

I get to take it home and test it.

And I realize that it doesn’t have any of those cool features we were imagining!

It just seems like a standard Arduino, just with more processing power.


But as I continue to explore it, I get more excited again.

I’m seeing that the mini PCI express port can be interesting, because you can use parts designed for laptops.

Such as a WiFi card.


And it has Linux running in the background — so that I can create a program in Python that interacts with my Arduino-program.

Or I can easily make it into a web server.

I’m really starting to see why it’s cool.

But I want to keep on playing around with it, and get a bit more specific about what exactly you can do with it.

There’s so much to explore in the world of electronics.

And new things popping up every day.

I love it!

If you want to join in on the fun, you have to start somewhere. I always recommend to start building things with electronics as soon as possible.

It’s the best way to learn.

That’s why I wrote my eBook “Getting Started With Electronics” — to get people started building things with electronics.

Learn more about that here:

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