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Design of an MP3 Portable Player Using a CoolRunner CPLD

Design of an MP3 Portable Player Using a CoolRunner CPLD

MP3 portable players are the trend in music-listening technology. These players do not include any mechanical movements, thereby making them ideal for listening to music during any type of activity. MP3 is a digital compression technique based on MPEG Layer 3 which stores music in a lot less space than current CD technology. Software is readily available to create MP3 files from an existing CD, and the user can then download these files into a portable MP3 player to be enjoyed in almost any environment.


As with any portable, battery-operated device, power dissipation must be minimized. The CoolRunnerTM series is a family of advanced 3V and 5V complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs) with extremely low power dissipation which makes them ideal for this application. This application note will address the design of an MP3 portable player using a 3.3V 256 macrocell CoolRunner CPLD (XCR3256XL) as the main controller.