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Extend the Range of Your Zune FM Transmitter

Extend the Range of Your Zune FM Transmitter

This mod will guide you through the steps necessary to open your Zune FM transmitter and connect a longer antenna to inscrease the range.
Step 1
First you want to pry off the top piece of the FM transmitter. To do this, carefully take your pocket knife, slide it into the groove where the top piece meets the body of the FM transmitter case, then pull up on the handle of the knife to pry the top upwards away from the body of the FM transmitter case. If done correctly, there will be no visible interruption to the case, and it will still look stock. Try not to break any of the tabs on the top piece, like I did.

Step 2
After the top cover is off, you want to make sure you don&t touch or scratch the LCD, because once back together, the LCD will be under a clear protective layer, and any fingerprints or damage will be clearly visible and unable to be cleaned. Carefully pull straight up on the circuit board to pull the top half of the CB&s away from the bottom. Set the top CB aside for later.


Step 3
Now you want to pull the bottom CB from the body of the FM transmitter case. It makes it easier if you take out the black plastic piece around the dock connector. To take this out, take a small screwdriver, and carefully push in towards the center, and out to pop the tabs out of the holes.

Step 4
To take out the CB, you first need to break off the plastic welds that are holding it in place. This is easily done using your pocket knife. You will then need to push down on the dock connector, while simultaneously pulling the sides of the body outwards. You then want to pull the bottom CB out of the body of the case.

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