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Ipod Stereo FM transmitter

Ipod Stereo FM transmitter

This project explain how you can build and connect a powerful 1W amplifier to your FM transmitters. A perfect solution for those wishing to listen to their favourite tunes in the car, house, garden, school, campus, party.It has a no-name commercial quality FM stereo transmitter, which was capable to work with an amplifier.
The feature of the transmitter is:
Stereo transmits on FM channels 87.5 MHz-108.0M Hz (0.1MHz increments)
Distorsion < 3%
Signalto noise > 45dB
Memorize up to 4 FM frequencies
Features low-battery LED indicator
Operating Range: 20-40 feet
(Requires 2 AAA batteries (38mA))
Audio Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20Khz
Low battery detect function
Temperature guage
LCD clock display
Blue display light.


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