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New Music from an Old iPod

New Music from an Old iPod

Installing free software turns your MP3 player into a musical instrument.
Try to open the ipod
Each of the long sides of the top of the iPod needs to be pulled apart from the bottom individually. Don’t fear: specially made tools are available. The replacement battery I bought for my gen-3 iPod came with plastic green dissecting tools, but Steiner swears by slender black plastic instruments that he saw in a YouTube video. His hacking kit also includes dental instruments. You never know


. Make sure the thing works. Test the iPod’s hard drive (it’s encased in a blue plastic sheath) by plugging the iPod into a power source. DiMauro spliced a battery hook-up onto power cable. But you can also plug the pod into your computer.

Gen-3 resuscitators, beware: Steiner and DiMauro recently discovered that gen-3 pods (the one with the four buttons above the scroll wheel) need to be powered via a Firewire, not USB, connection. That bit of insight solved the problem that stopped my pod dead in its tracks on Day 1 (and Days 2 through 7) of the attempted hackectomy: The pod seemed to hold a charge, but after hours of being plugged in, the screen displayed only an exclamation point and half-charged battery symbol.

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