Frequently Asked Questions

1What is one Ad Purchase?
One Ad Purchase is one unit of 300x250 Banner, that is booked for 30 days, for a cost of $149.95/month.
2How many such Ads will rotate in that slot?
We shall rotate minimum 10 and maximum 12 such Ads from different advertisers.

This means, our monthly revenue from this particular Ad slot will vary from around $1500 to $1800.

This also means, each banner will achieve $3 to $4 CPM (Cost per Thousand Ad impressions)
3Can I purchase all the 12 Ads or 5 or 6 Ads for my company?
Yes you can, and in fact you are encouraged to do so, but for each banner you purchase, you have to order separately each time.

You are encouraged to purchase in bulk, because we offer discount. Contact us for more details.
4How many impressions and clicks can I expect from each Ad Purchase?
In the past, we have always been able to achieve around 0.2% CTR. One Banner (each Ad Purchase) can have around minimum 1200 to 1500 impressions or more daily.

So you can expect around monthly 36000 to 45000 Ad Impressions or monthly 80 to 100 clicks to your website Landing page.
5Can I use my own URL tracking code?
Yes, you can, and even you are encouraged to do so. In the targeting URL, you can even use service like or or something like
See this help from Google for more details:
6How to check Ad performance?
After you purchase the Ad, and it goes Live after our review, you will be provided with a tracking URL to view performance.
7What kind of Ads are accepted?
While placing order, make sure your Ad creative and the Landing Page is related to the following main subjects:

Electronics, Electrical, Technology, Science.

We do not accept Ads from the following categories:

Gambling, Pornography, Cryptocurrency, Politics, e-cigarette and anything similar.
8What is the review process?
After you place your Ad and made payment, we shall review the Ad creatives and the Landing Page before we approve or decline your Ad. This review is done within 24 to 48 working hours.
9What happens if my Ad is declined?
Simple. We shall refund your payment.
10What Payment Method is accepted?
We accept payment via PayPal. You can safely use your Credit Card with PayPal to make a payment.
11What about Discount?
If you book one unit Ad Purchase for three months, or three units Ad Purchase for one month, (both valued at $449.85) or anything more, we shall provide 12% discount.
12What about renewals?
We shall contact you at least a week before your contract is about to expire; so that you can have plenty of time to renew them.
13I have some other questions, not listed here.
Please email us at ADVERTISE @ ELECTRONICSINFOLINE . COM (all small caps with space removed) and we shall get back to you with details.
14Okay, I am ready to purchase an Ad for my company. Let me show how.

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